Technology is not only changing our lives but is changing the security of our homes which in turn affects our safety. Here are just some of the ways that technology is changing out home security systems.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows you to keep an eye on your properly whilst your away. This can be anywhere from your work to the other side of the world. As long as you have an internet connection you can keep track of activity on your CCTV, through real-time videos as well as saved recordings. Some monitoring systems include the ability to arm and disarm security systems, as well as being able to send fire and intrusion alerts.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks are a great feature that allows you to unlock your door without even having to turn a key. Activated by either the Bluetooth on your smartphone or a key fob that unlock the door for you. Some of the incredibly high tech systems connect to your home automation system and inform other decides when you are away. For example, it can tell your smart thermostat that you are away so that it goes into energy saver mode. Bluetooth locks are more secure, but Wi-Fi locks have more features, such as being able to see if the door is locked in real-time. Wi-Fi locks have more functionality but are more vulnerable to online security hackers.

Home Sensors

Many premium home security kits are available and that are able to sense your presence and this opens and closes the doors for you. Home sensors can also be installed to windows and doors and use a motion detector, waves and even winks to determine your identity. They can also be easily controlled by a smartphone or tablet.

What’s more is that they can also detect movement in hallways and rooms. When switched on this will send you a text informing you of the situation. This means that if anyone ever attempts to break into your house you’ll know about it right away.

Many of these systems also have visual and audio warnings and alarms, in the case of a suspected break-in.

Fingerprint Scanners

Yes, finger scanners are a thing now, no longer a futuristic fantasy they allow us to enter everything from our phones to our homes with great ease. This technology is not reserved for the rich, we are seeing fingerprint scanners more and more in everyday life. Fingerprint scanners for your home are pretty safe, as your fingerprint is unique to you.

Smart Cameras

CCTV cameras for home security are now easier and cheaper to install, as well as being smarter than ever before. Modern home surveillance cameras now come with Wi-Fi connectivity so you can live stream what is going on at any time, anywhere. These feeds can also be saved to the cloud for review.

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