Don’t get me wrong, smartphones are great, in some senses. But people tend to overlook the negative impact that smartphones are having on our lives, simply because they are convenient and everyone has one. Here are just some of the ways that smartphones are essentially ruining our lives.

You Can’t Be Where You Are

A smartphone is a major distraction that can pull us away from what we’re doing and cause us to be unfocused. One of the key aspects to finding inner peace and happiness is to teach your mind to be where you are. So if you’re at work, you focus on work, if you’re out for dinner you’re focused on being present and in conversation. A smartphone makes it far too easy for people to disassociate and be in two places at once.

People Don’t Pay Attention

Potentially one of the most annoying things that people do nowadays is constantly check or stare at their smartphone. Going round to a friend’s house for them to constantly be on their phone is awkward and boring. This may then make you feel obliged to go on your phone just for something to do. It’s mind numbing and rude.

Texting Has Ruined Interactions

Texting has taken the personality and tone out of the way we communicate. Yes, there are emoji’s, but it’s pretty sad that the way many people convey emotion these days is through the use of smiley face symbols. Don’t get me wrong, texting is useful and convenient, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But so many people are totally reliant on texting that they forget about face to face or even phone conversations.


It’s no secret that smartphones are expensive. The price is somewhat understandable – due to all the technology and extra features that we don’t really need – but the problem with them is that they are too easy to break. The initial price is not the main issue here; the issue is the amount you have to pay to get them fixed every time they smash. I once dropped an iPhone on carpet and the screen shattered. The stress and worry when we break this is sometimes overwhelming, I’ve defiantly cried before after dropping my phone.

Car Accidents

A huge problem these days is that some motorists can’t seem to step away from their smartphones long enough to drive from point A to point B without checking, or in some cases, constantly being on their phone. Anything that takes your attention away from driving whilst your driving should be avoided. But some people are idiots and this still happens today.

The amount of car accidents that happen due to people being on their phones behind the wheel is staggering. They aren’t just putting themselves at risk but any other driver or passenger at risk too, and for what? To check your Twitter feed.


This cannot be confirmed either way, as we have no idea the long-term health risks of owning a smartphone.

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