The glamour of working in gambling jobs has always been a mainstay in James Bond Films, gangster drams and big motion pictures. The glitz of casinos draws you in until you are dying to ‘put it all on red’ and try and make a big win. However, what is it like to actually work for a casino? Whether it’s in the biggest casino in Nevada or whether it’s online gambling jobs you are more interested in, there is something for everyone.

Types of Jobs

There are many different types of jobs involved in working in a casino. Most of these involved having to be qualified or at least very experienced in the role, particularly if you want to work at one of the more popular casinos. These include:

  • Casino managers
  • Croupiers
  • Bar Staff and Waiters
  • Cooks
  • Security and Surveillance staff
  • Pit Bosses
  • Customer Service
  • VIP Assistance Teams

Although online casinos have some similarities to their physical counterparts, gambling jobs online have far more wide and varying areas. Jobs for online casinos include:

  • Marketing teams
  • Finance teams
  • Web developers
  • Data analysts

Gambling Jobs

Working Hours

In a physical casino, working hours could be almost anything. With many of them open 24/7 you can work from morning until night, or from night to morning. Each casino will have different levels of shift and rota flexibility.

Online gambling jobs will be a bit different with many probably offering a stereotypical 9 to 5, or a variation on this.

Earning Potential

In both areas the potential earnings are probably quite similar depending on the level of the hierarchy at which you enter. Around the £30,000 mark for middle-level manager in both physical and online casinos- allowing for a difference for casino workers who manage to earn a lot more in tips.

Betting Jobs

Due to casino jobs being not as widely available in the UK, it is probably advisable to go down the online gambling jobs route. This will give you huge levels of flexibility to work abroad, increase earnings potential and learn more about this field. A perfect place to find the job that is right for you would be through online recruitment and consultancy agency, Betting Jobs. They have access to many of the world’s biggest online gambling jobs and will pair the perfect recruit with the perfect employer.

Gambling Jobs

Remember to always research your career choices before diving in, starting with a company like Betting Jobs and doing as much research on physical casino work as you can.

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