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We all know the current fiery argument about smart phones and technology taking over our lives and making us less attentive, less social and less human. However there are some positive aspects to come out of smartphone life that we can’t ignore. There are some inventors who have creates apps that actually encourage healthy behaviour such as healthy eating habits or exercise. Still there are many who argue that we have become too dependent on these addictive devices and that it is unhealthy to have to refer to that little black mirror for every activity you take part in. On the other hand some argue that by having our health reminders and tracker apps in our smartphone we are making the most of a bad situation. We cannot break the chain between the 2.1 billion people on this planet and their smartphone but we can use the phones to prompt them to take part in healthy living. Below are some of the best apps that support healthy living and have a positive effect on our lives.

This many uses many apps that encourage meditation


This is a meditation app is great for those who are trying to develop a healthy meditation habit. It has a prompting system set up to remind you to mediate every day. Meditation has been proven to improve mental health as it gives us a chance to take a step back from the chaos that is modern day living and to truly give time to ourselves. During meditation, typically you should try to empty your mind and focus on your breathing and your existence in the here and now, in time and space.


My Fitness Pal

This one is down to preference as there are many different types of eating and gym apps to use. This one in particular prompts you to enter your daily intake of food, it even has a scan option with your phone camera that you can use to scan barcodes of supermarket items in order to give you the exact nutritional value. For those eating mainly organic and homemade foods it is a little harder to get exact unless you know the exact weight of your skinless roast chicken breast. You can also input exercises that you do including cardio and weights. The app then calculates how many calories you have burned through working out and takes that off your daily calorie intake allowance. It’s a great app for someone who is serious about having a strict calorie intake or for those who really want to lose weight or who find it hard to discipline their eating. For those who don’t count calories or like myself find it depressing to see how much fat is in the occasional pizza I treat myself to then you might want to research a different kind of fitness app such as:

  • Runkeeper
  • Sworkit
  • Jetfit
  • Fitocracy

Woman eating healthy granola advised by her health apps


This is actually a sleeping app that encourages you to record outside factors that impinge on your sleep so you build a full picture of your sleep habits over time.

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