Smart cars have been around for a while now, but some people are still very reluctant when it comes to the smart car. The main issue people seem to have is the size of it, when in reality it is also roomier than many people think. This article will explore some of the benefits associated with the smart car.

Environmentally Friendly

A smart car is fuel-efficient as it averages around 40 miles per gallon. But this isn’t the only environmentally friendly feature that they hold. The Smart Fortwo is made up of 95% recycled materials. The dash metal is made from recycled synthetics and the rest of the car is made from other energy efficient and recycled materials.

Easy to Park and Drive

Due to the size of the car (it is very small). It’s less than 9 feet long, making it shorter than a Mini Cooper. Due to this, it is only a two-seater, but it means that it is easily parked in even the smallest of parking spaces. It also has a great turning radius which makes it very manoeuvrable.


Many people seem to look at a smart car and think that it can’t be safe, this is often due to its size. People seem to think that a small car can’t be safe. But this car was designed and tested with Mercedes Benz attention to safety. This smart car has an innovative Tridion safety cell which acts as a safety cage and 4 airbags (for 2 people). As you can see this car is built for safety. Crash tests have proved the safety claims and there is evidence to support this.

Surprisingly roomy

For a small car, the smart car is surprisingly spacious. It may only be for two people, but there is plenty of leg room for both passenger and driver. People as tall as 6’6 are also able to sit comfortably in the car. Not only that but for a small car, it has a good-sized boot. With some people claiming they can fit as many as eight bags of shopping and a large crate of juice in the back with great ease.

Perfect Commuter Car

Originally designed as a “city car”, the smart car is a perfect choice when being used to commute. What makes it a great commuter car are attributes such as;

  • The roominess for such a small car
  • The gas mileage
  • It’s quick and zippy performance on roads
  • The ease of parking a smart car

Little Touch of Luxury

Although these are made to be practical cars, they also have a slight hint of luxury. Features include;

  • Heated seats
  • Leather seats
  • Sunroof
  • Power windows and locks

So there we have it, just some of the advantages of a smart car. With people going greener than ever before, mixed with ever-advancing technology, we might see a lot more of these little powerhouses around more often.

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